Frequently Asked Questions

Promodata is a central promotional product database that is updated on a daily basis (suppliers using API’s) or manually (non API suppliers). The database takes the many formats of supplier data and converts it into a single format which makes it much easier to manage on websites and in back-end quoting and job management systems.

Promodata is only available to APPA supplier and distributor members.

Promodata is more than a product databank. Promodata takes different formats of supplier data and converts it into a single common format. In the US they call this a Promostandard.  Once in a common standard it is then possible to manage it and make efficient use of it. 

Suppliers update Promodata in two ways. The preferred way is via API but those suppliers that are not able to set up an API there is the APPA format csv file upload. For API suppliers Promodata logs into the suppliers server every 24 hours and checks for any product changes. The data is then updated meaning it is always current.  Stock information is made in real-time (it has to be) and on a product by product basis.  

For APPA format suppliers they will have the ability to edit their data by logging in via a portal. Every product edit is time-stamped so users of the data can see how current the data is.  Data that has not been updated by the supplier for 12 months will be marked as discontinued.

Promodata provides many benefits to both suppliers and distributors but the key ones are:

  • Accurate product data.
  • Speed of handling and managing product data.
  • Accurate pricing for quoting and P/O’s etc
  • Improved search capability on websites.
  • Less mistakes as no need to manually enter product data.
  • Speed to market, supplier data in hands of distributors within 24 hours
  • Single data source – no need to trawl many websites or update multiple price lists.


Promodata is an independent and separate company formed in partnership with APPA, Mark Hudson (MD Brandconnect) and David Phillips (Promotional Programming).  Each brings considerable expertise and knowledge to the problem of standardising supplier data and creating a database that can be then accessed by distributors. The objective of Promodata is simple – to improve the data interface between suppliers and distributors for the purpose of making the sale of promotional products easier and more profitable.

Promodata is free for suppliers and there is a monthly subscription fee for distributors. The cost to distributors varies according to the amount of data accessed and what it will be used for. Contact hello@promodata.com.au for more information.

Suppliers will need to sign an agreement which gives permission for Promodata to use their data.

Suppliers must be APPA members and can supply data via API (preferred method) or through the APPA format spreadsheet.

There is no cost to suppliers for supplying data to Promodata.

Promodata will be supplied as a data feed. We will work with distributors by providing guidance and examples of how the data can be used but distributors will need a web-developer to make effective use of the data. 

Distributors may wish to make use of all the data or may decide to use only some of it. How it is used and displayed will be down to them and their developer. 

For any support or assistance please contact Promodata at: