Verification of Supplier data


In any business environment, accurate and up-to-date product information is crucial.

In our local Promo Industry, APPA Suppliers currently contribute their product information to Promodata – the industries centralised database. This data drives APPA Search and other API connected platforms and websites. 

Suppliers now have the option to verify their data, adding credibility. This verification attribute confirms the product data is current and gives distributors confidence in its accuracy.

(API connected suppliers are automatically verified)

The Verification Process

Suppliers must re-verify their product data every three months to maintain the verified status symbol. This will be prompted by the team at Promodata.

Verified products will be able to display the below symbol. This will appear automatically on APPA Search and can be programmed into other platforms as required.

If a product’s data is not re-verified within a three period, it is marked as “unverified”.

This makes it easy for distributors to identify less reliable information.

Hidden Products

If products remain un-verified for six months they will be temporarily hidden on Promodata until re-verified. This not only ensures data integrity but also enhances the overall user experience for distributors who rely on accurate and up-to-date information.If you have any questions regarding the Verification process, please contact us.


Full access to all promotional items, images and prices is available via an API feed for use in Distributor quoting and job management platforms as well as websites.
Promodata is the datasource that populates APPA Search

items via API

API connected Supplier catalogues & prices are checked every 24 hours for updates. This ensures data accuracy for Distributors and less data management for Suppliers.

API Suppliers can also connect live inventory to their feed.

119 Supplier Databases

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APPA Supplier Members across Australia and New Zealand experience exposure, operational and transactional benefits by making their product catalogues available in Promodata