Promodata streamlines promotional product data management in Australia and New Zealand

Streamlining Promotional Products Data
in Australia & New Zealand

Promodata is a centralised data resource that simplifies product information management

Promotional product supplier data comes in many forms and differs according to how products are decorated and the systems suppliers use.  This makes it extremely difficult for distributors to manage and present multiple supplier data in a single and consistent way.  This in turn effects the end buyer’s customer experience.  The online customer experience expected by today’s customers is often years behind in the online world of promo. 

Promodata has been created to streamline the data flow from suppliers to distributors. It turns complex and different data formats into a consistent and uniform data set which then can be used in websites and order management systems. This allows distributors provide better search functionality, online stock checks automated product pricing updates. This saves distributors admin time and improves the end user/customer experience.


Full access to all promotional items, images and prices is available via an API feed for use in Distributor quoting and job management platforms as well as websites.
Promodata is the datasource that populates APPA Search

items via API

API connected Supplier catalogues & prices are checked every 24 hours for updates. This ensures data accuracy for Distributors and less data management for Suppliers.

API Suppliers can also connect live inventory to their feed.

119 Supplier Databases

…and growing rapidly
APPA Supplier Members across Australia and New Zealand experience exposure, operational and transactional benefits by making their product catalogues available in Promodata


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FREE API Trial – for APPA Distributors

A free trial of the Promodata API feed (with limited access) is available for Distributors
to test integration with your desired platform or website.


Contributing to Promodata is no charge to APPA Supplier Members


APPA Distributor Platforms

For internal cloud-based business systems and quoting platforms


/ month

APPA Distributor Websites

For consumer/public facing websites
(Multi-site discount is available)


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Who are Promodata?

Promodata is an independent and separate company formed in partnership with APPA, Brandconnect and Promotional Programming.  Each partner brings considerable promotional products industry experience, expertise and knowledge to the problem of standardising supplier data and creating a single centralised database that can be easily accessed by distributors.

The objective of Promodata is simple – to improve the data interface between suppliers and distributors for the purpose of making the sale of promotional products easier and more profitable for all channels.