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Case Studies

Real life examples of Promodata usage and it’s benefits

Brandengine Revolutionises the Promotional Products Industry with Promodata Integration

In the dynamic landscape of the promotional products industry in Australia and New Zealand, Brandengine emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly integrating with Promodata to streamline and elevate the operations of both suppliers and distributors. This case study explores the transformative impact of Brandengine and Promodata integration, showcasing the benefits it delivers to stakeholders within the promotional products ecosystem.


Promodata, a centralised data hub, serves as the backbone of the promotional products industry, allowing suppliers to contribute comprehensive product data. Industry suppliers provide item information, pricing, and, when connected by API, even real-time stock levels. Distributors, in turn, leverage this centralised repository to access up-to-date information for use in their internal business systems and websites.

Brandengine Integration with Promodata:

Brandengine, a SaaS CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, strategically incorporates Promodata at its core. This integration empowers distributors by enabling them to log inquiries, prepare quotes, access real-time supplier inventory through the Promodata feed via API, and efficiently manage orders and production processes.

Benefits for Suppliers:
1. Efficient Data Contribution:

Suppliers experience streamlined data contribution, eliminating the need for manual input. Integration with Promodata allows for automated syncing of product information, pricing, and stock levels, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

2. Real-time Inventory Visibility:

Through API integration, suppliers gain a platform to showcase their inventory dynamically. Distributors accessing this real-time data can make informed decisions about product availability and offer clients accurate and up-to-date information.

3. Expanded Market Reach:

Promodata integration widens the exposure for supplier products. With Brandengine, distributors can efficiently search and showcase a diverse range of promotional items, increasing the visibility and market reach for suppliers.

Benefits for Distributors:
1. Streamlined Quoting Process:

Distributors can swiftly prepare quotes by tapping into the Promodata feed through Brandengine. Real-time access to supplier data ensures that quotes are accurate, competitive, and reflective of the current market conditions.

2. Enhanced Customer Relationship Management:

Brandengine’s CRM functionality, supported by Promodata, enables distributors to manage client interactions seamlessly. From initial inquiries to order fulfilment, the integration facilitates a comprehensive view of customer relationships, fostering trust and loyalty.

3. Improved Order Accuracy:

With real-time stock information available through Promodata, distributors can ensure order accuracy. This not only prevents potential stockouts but also enhances customer satisfaction by delivering on-time and as-promised products.


The integration of Brandengine with Promodata represents a paradigm shift in the promotional products industry. Suppliers benefit from streamlined data contribution and expanded market reach, while distributors experience enhanced quoting processes, improved customer relationship management, and increased order accuracy. The synergy between Brandengine and Promodata creates a more efficient and interconnected ecosystem, positioning stakeholders for sustained growth and competitiveness in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The collaboration between Brandengine and Promodata is a testament to the power of strategic integration in the promotional products industry. By leveraging the strengths of Promodata’s centralised data repository, Brandengine not only optimises operational processes but also elevates the overall experience for suppliers and distributors. As the industry continues to evolve, this innovative partnership sets a benchmark for efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration within the promotional products ecosystem.

Promodata From a Distributors Perspective

Where in the Promotional Products Industry does your business sit?

Payless Promotions has been a distributor in the promo industry for over 20 years. We are a link between product importers/stockists, decorators (e.g. embroidery, screen printing), and end users.

How crucial is your website to your business?

We are based in rural Victoria, and we didn’t have a website for the first 5 years (they weren’t really a thing then!). Launching our website enabled us to sell our products Australia-wide and leverage our offerings as we had never imagined. Without our website, we would probably still sell into our local region only.

How many suppliers and products do you have on your website?

The nature of the promotional product and uniform industry is that distributors buy from many stock suppliers, and we often pass products onto a third party for decoration. We have around eight thousand products on our website and dozens of suppliers.

Is it time-consuming to maintain so many products and keep pricing up to date?

Yes!! Pre-Covid, it was reasonably tricky and time-consuming. Since Covid hit and then Russia invaded Ukraine fuel and transport prices have sky-rocketed, and the maintenance work is out of control. We can’t keep up with constant price changes, out-of-stock items, lead times, etc.

Would/Does a centralised data system help your business?

One of the problems in our industry is the inconsistency of data provided by suppliers. Historically we have had to take data from supplier websites, csv files, and e-mails. Having one source for all our supplier data that provides consistency in how it is presented is enormous for our industry.

Has/will you link Promodata directly to your website to keep supplier data up to date?

No, we will still have to manipulate what Promodata provides. We currently have a master spreadsheet into which we combine all our supplier data and manually push this to our website in batches. In the future, we will move our master file online and link Promodata with this, and our website will then link to our online master file.

You are a more significant business within the industry. Do you think smaller distributors can benefit from Promodata also?

The subscription cost of Promodata is reasonable, so I don’t see this as a limiting factor. The higher cost is setting up or modifying how you hold and push your data to your website, which must be accounted for when businesses make a decision on whether to adopt Promodata.

Once the system is set up, I believe smaller distributors will benefit even more from Promodata thanthe more prominent players in the industry. Promodata is a natural growth accelerator for any ambitious new or smaller distributor in our industry as it provide for much greater leverage.

“Guy Dawson has been the founder and CEO of Payless Promotions since 2000. Guy is passionateabout the free and open sharing of business and marketing knowledge from established Australian business leaders to assist our developing leaders and ensure Australia remains relevant and competitive internationally. Contact Guy with questions about your business, and he will do everything he can to help.”