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For Suppliers

The purpose of Promodata is to connect a Supplier’s products to Distributors in the most convenient, accurate and fastest possible way. 

The development of API’s (Application Programming Interface) in recent years has allowed databases
to interact with each other to provide distributors with improved access to:

Product Search

91% of all distributors require access to reliable supplier product data. 58% of their time is spent on admin and product search.  Consolidating supplier data into a uniform and consistent format provides much greater search functionality.
Products can be searched by price, colour, production times, materials etc. Improving search functionality is the number 1 priority in the 2020/23 strategic plan.
Promodata is the enabler to deliver on this objective.

Accurate Product Data

 Suppliers who integrate Product Data provide distributor customers an enhanced version of their product catalogue that can also be updated automatically. End customers always have a real-time view of the available products and their details.
Detailed descriptions are accurate and can include data size, colour, decoration options and delivery lead times. Organising products in a consistent way makes it easier for distributors and customers to find them. This means more sales!

Live Stock Information

Integrating stock information with Promodata provides distributors with a critical piece of pre-sales information required to move forward: What’s for sale and how much is there?
Distributors accessing Promodata are able to look up accurate, real-time Inventory information at any time so that it’s easier for buyers to buy. This information can also be accessed via a distributor’s website.

Product Pricing

 Product pricing is one of the most useful piece of information a distributor needs. As a large amount of a distributors time is spent searching products, checking pricing and entering pricing into a quote, having it readily available for insertion into a website or quoting software is invaluable. Distributors look for price and availability information when they’re ready to buy. A supplier who can immediately show the distributor what’s available for what price has a far greater chance of selling it.
Furthermore, when a supplier updates pricing it will then be updated on Promodata so a distributor will always have the latest pricing available in their systems. This leads to less P/O mistakes and reduced admin time.

Order Statuses,
Purchase Orders, Invoices

Order Status information provides distributors the information they most often want to know – how far along is the order and when should we expect it? If the distributor is using verified supplier data that is used to create a P/O then the next stage is to integrate this into the process.
Order status information, P/O and invoicing is not part of the initial Promodata roll out but is part of the road map.  Such functionality can initially be found within third party software based on Promodata such as Brandengine.

Promodata connects Suppliers and Distributors

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Whilst API connections are
preferred to enhance automation,
CSV files are also acceptable

Supplier Resources

These documents are available to APPA Members on request

  • Supplier Promodata Agreement.
  • Promodata API information
  • APPA Data Spreadsheet

Supplier Integration with Promodata

It may initially seem daunting for suppliers, but whether data is added to a website manually, uploading a spreadsheet or via API – it’s the same data and the only difference is the automation that goes with it. The team at Promodata are here to assist with supplier integrations.

The best method of updating Promodata is via API. This will ultimately make life easier for you, and enable a better data stream for your Distributors. We will assist your web developers to connect via API with a Pull API.

Non API suppliers can import their Data in the APPA Format (csv file) and then edit and update via a supplier login portal (in development). We will assist with the importation of initial images. 

Why should I use an API in my promotional products business in Australia and New Zealand  | Promodata

Why should I use an API?

One way to streamline your operations and enhance the accessibility of your product data is by connecting to Promodata via API


Full access to all promotional items, images and prices is available via an API feed for use in Distributor quoting and job management platforms as well as websites.
Promodata is the datasource that populates APPA Search

items via API

API connected Supplier catalogues & prices are checked every 24 hours for updates. This ensures data accuracy for Distributors and less data management for Suppliers.

API Suppliers can also connect live inventory to their feed.

119 Supplier Databases

…and growing rapidly
APPA Supplier Members across Australia and New Zealand experience exposure, operational and transactional benefits by making their product catalogues available in Promodata