What’s in Promodata?

Imagine a central location where every promotional product, from branded mugs to customisable t-shirts & widgets, is organised with consistent information. This isn’t a fantasy – it’s Promodata, the heart of Australia and New Zealand’s promotional product industry. Unlike public marketplaces, Promodata works behind the scenes, streamlining the flow of information between suppliers and distributors.

From Data Chaos to Clarity

Suppliers often have product data in various formats, making it a nightmare for distributors to integrate this information into their websites or quoting systems. Promodata acts as a hero, converting this multi-format data into a standardised language. This includes consistent categories, colours, and other attributes, along with product and decoration pricing (when provided).

Think of Promodata as a translator: It takes a jumble of different product descriptions and specifications and transforms them into a universal format everyone understands.

Ensuring Daily Freshness

Accuracy is paramount in the promotional product world. Promodata ensures distributors have access to the latest information. Suppliers using an API (application programming interface) can automatically feed their product updates into the system for daily updates, while non-API users can submit updates manually when required.

Powering the Promotional Product Ecosystem

Promodata’s standardised data can feed directly into industry platforms like Appa Search, quoting & business management systems like Brandengine, and Distributors websites (with the help of a web developer) allowing for features like:

  • Automated product updates: No more manually updating product information – Promodata provides the latest updates as they are provided.
  • Live Inventory Levels: API enabled suppliers can have their internal systems connected to Promodata, allowing for real-time stock level updates directly in the data feed.
  • Streamlined quoting: With accurate supplier provided product and decoration pricing and details readily available, distributors can generate quotes quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced website functionality: Standardised data allows for improved search features and product displays on distributor websites.

A Win-Win for All

By centralising and standardising product data, Promodata simplifies life for both suppliers and distributors. Suppliers can manage and update their offerings more efficiently, while distributors can streamline their operations and provide a better experience for their clients. – Contact us for more info on Promodata.